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Human Patient Simulation Network:
Transforming Healthcare Education Through Progressive Innovation

Founded in 1997, the Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) has grown from a small community of pioneering nursing and health science educators into a robust and global network of medical faculty, clinicians, students, and technical experts who gather throughout the year to interact, share knowledge, and explore the latest innovations in simulation-based medical education (SBME). The events are open to anyone with an interest in healthcare simulation.

The HPSN mission is simple: To bring the international simulation community together, offering collaborative workshops, hands-on learning opportunities, resources and technologically advanced SBME solutions that enhance patient safety and improve outcomes.

CAE Healthcare has successfully sponsored more than 150 Human Patient Simulation Network conferences throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Each year HPSN World,  our largest and most comprehensive event, is held in the United States and multiple smaller magnet conferences are held around the world. In the coming years, HPSN will expand into Latin America, the Middle East, and India, joining forces with other dynamic and forward-thinking healthcare constituents to transform medical education through simulation for quality patient care around the globe.



HPSN consistently attracts a large and diverse group of industry leaders, learners, educators, and participants representing a variety of disciplines.



From the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and France, to Germany, Spain, Japan, India, and beyond, HSPN conferences are global healthcare events with growing, worldwide appeal.



With new concurrent sessions, expert-led courses, and more hands-on workshops, HPSN conferences are THE destination for learning about healthcare simulation.


Throughout the year, the Human Patient Simulation Network sponsors premiere patient simulation events and networking conferences all over the world. Each meeting is uniquely designed to bring end users, vendors, simulation program managers, medical professionals, trainees and specialists together with thought leaders, influencers and innovators in the healthcare simulation industry. Whatever your expertise, discipline or clinical niche, there's certain to be an event listed below you won't want to miss!


Every HPSN event is a massive opportunity to meet, engage, learn and grow. Here, we've gathered the best moments from recent conferences for your review, because when it comes to getting the most out of simulation-based training, once is never enough! 


Representative of a range of entities, from corporate and governmental to private, public and non-profit, our sponsors provide the encouragement and assistance that help HPSN deliver simulation-based learning and networking opportunities to the worldwide healthcare community. HPSN thanks you for your enduring support of our central mission: To improve outcomes and enhance patient safety through simulation-based medical education.

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